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Episode 285: Cubic Nomad and Emma Susanne 27-05-2014
We’re going to have an awesome time with our special guests "Cubic Nomad" and "Emma Susanne."

Maurice, the man behind "Cubic Nomad", is producing with this project technoid music as well as electronic downtempo music. His last album “Manta” was released in April of this year. A wonderful downtempo album, where he also worked together with other artists. This is already the fourth album from "Cubic Nomad". Maurice also produces music with other artist names such as "The Relic" and "Hidden Rooms". He also has two different labels, called “Dark. Descent.” And "Spirit of Progress". Not entirely insignificant to say is that Maurice is also one of the guys behind the “Ben Harder Show”.

"Emma Susanne" has been vocalist and writer of lyrics for "Cubic Nomad" for two years. On the latest album "Manta" she can be heard in two different tracks. The track "Underneath the Calm Surface", with the videoclip that has been made, has been shown on Dutch television. Besides singing she’s also the host on the “Into The Dark Lands” parties. With her soft and enchanting voice she introduces the artists who are preforming. Ems, as insiders call her, also has a very cute hamster.

We have an interesting and fun interview with our guests and "Cubic Nomad" will preform for an hour with an amazing setlist. And we will play a lot of new tracks. You can’t miss this fantastic broadcast planned for this evening.

Tune in tonight from 20:00 (Cest + 2).